Fashion Friday – Boho Bracelets

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When I first started making jewelry, I began with bracelets. While most of mine were done with chain and stones, I love how incredible it is to stack them! Some of the chunkier, more “boho bracelets” look great alone too!

The thing about boho bracelets is that they tend to go with any casual wear. Denim, maxi dresses, linen and cotton… just grabbing a few and slapping them on your wrists and you honestly can’t go wrong!

I’ve grabbed a few for this post that I truly, love. In fact, I actually ordered about half of them for myself! And oh… do you remember making friendship bracelets as a kid? My friends and I would spend HOURS together, pinning the knots to our jeans or using half a roll of scotch tape to get them to stick to the coffee table. Guess what, children of the 80’s… THEY’RE BACK and more boho than ever! (I included a link to the book below… Thank me later!)

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