Have A Party!

Have you seen those places where you can go to have a “Paint ‘N Sip”? You go, pay a fee, have some wine, and with a bunch of friends and strangers, you paint a copy of a painting the instructor brought to the class.

“About an inch from the top, right corner, we’re going to paint a yellow circle…”

So everyone leaves with a copycat of the same thing everyone else made.

No offense to anyone who owns or operates (or frequents) places like that, but I’ve got a few problems with the concept…

1) Your paintings are all the same (or as close to same as you can get). BO-RING!!!
2) You don’t learn anything you didn’t learn in Kindergarten.
3) You have to deal with strangers around you, when all you really want to do is have a night with friends!

Wouldn’t it be even nicer to invite your friends over, sit around your dining room table, and actually get to make something YOUR way, but with an artist to help guide you? Something just different enough from what your friends just made?

I’m now offering At-Home Paint ‘N Sips
(and At-Home Jewelry Makes)!

Here are the details:

  • Minimum 5 people, maximum 15 (unless we discuss first, and I can bring an assistant).
  • $35 per person, includes 12″ x 12″ finished painting. Larger sizes available for additional fee.
  • Event lasts 3-4 hours (but lots of people hang out/paint/make for longer – which is awesome!)
  • I bring everything you need to paint or make a piece of jewelry. You leave with a finished work of art!

I’ll be uploading some photos from recent parties soon, and please know that if you have an idea for a party you’d like to have, but need some creative direction, we can discuss your thoughts and ideas for that, too! I once directed a party where we did a decoupage picture frame, and another where we went on a photography walk (with a list of things to snap a shot of)!

If you’re interested in learning more, or booking your own party, please fill out the form below, or just give me a call at (518) 848-4636!

I love feedback, and hearing from my readers! Please leave a comment and share your thoughts with me?