Resurrecting the LOVE of Handmade Things

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I’ve been feeling very disconnected and willfully so, from the age of the internet and new media. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE what I do for work, and I worship the internet for so very many reasons (I’ve been online since 1994, kids), but there’s this nagging thing inside that’s been wondering if the beauty of handmade things is fading from the modern world. And it makes me incredibly sad.

I’m not just talking about paintings – for me, painting, drawing, and even manipulating digitally, pushing pixels of amazing color around on a screen – it’s all for the sake of raising emotion, namely the feeling of seeing a work of beauty (of the viewer’s eyes) and expression (of the creator’s soul). Which is WONDERFUL for an infinite number of reasons. But what about the act of crafting something – something to be useful and/or treasured? What’s coming of that?

There is so much value in crafting useful items. I’m not talking about drenching a styrofoam ball in goop, rhinestones, and glitter and adding something new to your decor (although, that’s totally cool and therapeutic and beautiful in it’s own right). But I’m specifically talking about sewing, knitting or crocheting, weaving, COOKING, growing your own food, making books and offline journals/planners… anything you can create that doesn’t require an internet connection to do so! 

I’d love to be an inspiration in that right. I’m thinking of a few new project ideas for the new year, but what would be your one ‘go to’ useful craft to make? Maybe as gifts for the holidays, even!?

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