Starting Over… Again.

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So okay, none of my previous posts have really “gone” anywhere – I’ve just temporarily hidden them for right now. If you’ll permit me to do some ‘splainin, I’m about to. :)

See, I’ve been blogging since before they actually had a term for it. Online journaling back when most people were using geocities or homestead, then finally getting my own domain and hand-coding everything… all the way to today, where I own just more than 60 domains, and have dozens of websites I have built from scratch. And that’s not even taking into account all those I’ve done for clients!

Here’s the thing: Despite 20+ years doing ‘web based work’, I’ve always been an artist. I’ve always been creative and loved making things. And while I can most certainly crank out original websites and PDFs and graphics for my clients – I’m actually doing less of that work and focusing more on my art and creative outlets. Which is pretty much why this website is getting an intense reboot, so to speak. :)

The plan here is to focus on more blog posts, of course – more frequently, but also to focus on building and growing my art business in ways that not only focus on the realm of, “Hey, buy my art!” but also along the lines of teaching art classes, and showing you how you (yes you) can make a business online out of any art/craft you enjoy. How’s THAT for starting over?

So, if you’re already subscribed to my list – please know that things will start to get a little busier around here. I’d LOVE to have you stay for the ride, but if you’re not sure (or if you only ever subscribed for the coloring pages which will still be coming, just as a part of something bigger), then I’m totally cool with you unsubscribing. I get it. But if you’d like to give me a chance to get into my groove around here first, I’d absolutely love that.

In the mean time, please feel free to comment below about things you’d like to see here! I’ve got a million plans, of course, but can always use a few more!

I love feedback, and hearing from my readers! Please leave a comment and share your thoughts with me?